This time of year is so draining. I’d like to say it’s just the heat, but it’s not.

It’s the heart. It’s the mind. Its the profound memories. It’s the things you have no control over. The insights.

Certain times of years remind you of what you lost and/or what you let go of. Things happen that open your eyes wider so you see truth. Moments and truths that give you “ah ha’s”, “duh’s”, and “well, shit’s”. Things that are said or done that define for you….

Define courage.

Define wisdom.

Define adaptability.

Define love.

Define family and friendship.

But remember and be open to the fact that they can define the lack of each just as quickly. Sometimes louder.

You begin to see things for what they are worth. Sometimes what you thought was worth something turns out to be worthless. And that can change you.

Let those worthless things go. Let any change be for a better you.

Stick to the worthwhile things that are defined…

The worthwhile love. The worthwhile family and friendships.

Stick with those who are courageous, wise, and adaptable.

And make any changes you need to be courageous, wise, and adaptable yourself.

A worthwhile you.

What a weekend

It’s not over. This weekend that is. The weekend that has thrown all sorts of curve balls at me starting on Thursday. I’m hesitant to post this because there is one day of the weekend left… my attitude could change. Haha!

My husband got to miss all of the really good stuff because he was on duty. Lucky-ass. So I was tested again and again and had no one to pawn it off on. I’m not quite sure how single parents do it.

I could sit here and tell you all the bullshit that happened. But to be honest it’s just miniscule stuff that all happened at once. Overload on the mild side, in the scheme of things.

As I sit here typing I am thinking of all the positive things that have come along with these trials. Things and moments that are just between my kids and I. Or between my husband and I. The private moments that only we can truly feel.

So here is something that I thought of and decided to put in words. Something to post somewhere I look every day to remind myself.

It’s any easy concept. Just not always easy to do.

I don’t go to a church anymore. But I do try and instill belief and faith in our kids. And one of the main things I reiterate is to just hand it over to God. He’s got it anyways. We just have to religuish what we think is in our control.