Ranting Thoughts…#2

The moments of our lives blend together to form periods of time. Phases of life. What might be considered a phase in your life? Simple and obvious ones are: Single life. Married life. Before kids. After kids. Before trauma. After trauma. Even if every day is mundane and seems to just repeat over and over […]

Man of my dreams

I had to sketch the prick in my nightmares that grabs my legs and jerks me out of my bed. This morning though, he got me good. I had my back turned and I knew someone was there.And like a weirdo, I always tell my REAL self that I’m only dreaming and nothing will happen […]

It’s never a simple extrication: Part 1

The following are some vehicle wrecks my coworkers and I have encountered that make you go “Hmmmmm…..”. “That’s not good.” “How are we going to get this done?” “How the hell did they manage that?” “We are going to be pushing the limits of this person’s golden hour.” “This sucks.” “How are they even alive?” […]

Parent failure

Parenting is hard a hell. And it is nothing like I thought it would be. I grew up with a mother who watched what we ate because she knew it had a HUGE impact on how we felt and acted. And that was back in the mid-70s until, at least, the early 90s. Back when […]

Reality bites

​My great friend, Beth, told me yesterday to try and start putting some positive thinking in my head and maybe that would help.  I swear I’m trying. But it’s 0720 and I’m already thinkin’ that “positive” just ain’t happenin’ today. “Realistic” is where I’m at. Reality is what we are exposed to every time we […]