Men and Microwaves

I’m pretty sure that among the majority of men there are standard procedures for certain things.

One of those things are microwaves.

I can’t remember one time in my 20+ years in the fire service that I didn’t have to reset a microwave before I could use it.

3 seconds left…..

App Savvy, I Am NOT Sums it up! I wish it were that easy.

I’m about to lose my mind trying it figure out Google Adsense. 
Is it really as complicated as I think it is? 

I can devise and execute a plan of action for some of the worst shit ever.

But I can’t figure out Google Adsense. 

Now is a time when I need to refocus, meditate, drink a beer, punch a punching bag, garden, sew, lift heavy weights… ANYTHING other than look at this app any longer!!!

Before adding Wellbutrin to my mental health cocktail, which was only about a month ago, I wouldn’t have even tried to blog. 

Now that I have stepped off the ledge into blogging, feeling, and healing…and have become somewhat attached to the idea…I can’t figure out the software, technical, app-type stuff. (See. I don’t even know what to call it!!! Ha!) Heck, even watching YouTube tutorials hasn’t helped. 

BUT I am doing it. It’s something other than sleep all day. I am motivated for once in a really long time. 

Push through your depression and apathy. Seek help. I know you can do it. 

If you are in the Chattanooga, TN area I suggest

It’s always worth a try!

No care given

(This quote is fresh and based on what I was typing just now. I’m cracking myself up with these stupid things. So at least one of us thinks it’s funny. Haha!)

 The past few of weeks I’ve managed to piss off a couple of co-workers, the entire DA’s Cold Case Unit, a judge, some random court officers, and countless civilians. And I haven’t looked back with regret or shame. 

I have gotten pretty good at pissing people off just by speaking the truth with zero sugar-coating…or “confection”. Haha! Get it?? (If not, then Google the word!) I still find tact to be important. But  sugar-coating is stupid.

I’ve been around long enough to not give a damn about saying what I think. Some of it is my battle with apathy. Most of it though is age and experience. BUT I must say, I usually only speak out on things I am confident about and I feel are important. 

You probably won’t find me poppin’ off about stuff I don’t know or stuff that doesn’t mean shit in the scheme of things. (That’s my “positive”, Beth. Ha!)

Pet-peeve: A know-it-all you doesn’t have their facts straight. 

I strive NOT to be that person. And I strive to surround myself with co-workers and friends who feel the same as I do.

 Tact and fact only, please.