Lost my shit

Well, it happened. I lost my shit on a call. Luckily I didn’t cuss anyone in particular out. But I was hot. And I had to leave before I punched someone in the throat. (Not really…well, maybe….)

I took a mother to see her dead child. And within a second of being able to touch her child she was ripped away by people who apparently thought that was best for her. 

If you found out your child had been killed in a car accident, arrived at the scene, and had to walk by where they lay under a sheet, would you want to see, touch, hold, kiss, your child while they were still warm?

Yeah. Me too. And to witness a mother being stripped of her right to do that absolutely did me in. 

No one should feel that they have the right to say what a person can and cannot see when their loved one is killed, even if it is traumatic. 

Just because you are too weak to assist them through that process doesn’t give you the right to deny them that time with their loved one. 

Get out of the way

Just rant about a pet peeve of mine…..

The kids and I attended our swim team’s award banquet last night at a local church that had graciously allowed us to used  their dining hall  area. At the end of the ceremony, we were all asked to help take down tables and chairs in order to put the room back to the way it was. 
When I say “WE were asked”, I am referring to all 150 people that showed up for the banquet. And as we started to break down tables and chairs, I noticed that most of those people were helping in some capacity. Some may have only gotten the chair they had used, but, hey, that’s helping. 

There was this one one family though. A man, a woman, and about 4 kids….All perfectly capable of helping out, but weren’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that the fact that the cake had been cut and was being served was an important moment, but these assholes got their cake and sat back down at their table. The only table left with people at it. 

The table RIGHT IN FRONT of the closet that stored all the tables!!!!!! Literally. Right in front of it.

Do you think these parents bothered to at least move their table some so those of us working to put the tables in the closet could have more room? HELL NO!!!

We are talking about 8ft tables going in a 10ft closet. All while navigating around a table and chairs about 4ft from the closet door. And let’s not forget the 6 people sitting or meandering around that table flinging cake crumbs all over the floor.

You can’t tell me they didn’t notice us as we navagated around them….all 30 times. I had to literally bite my tongue to keep from making an ass of myself. 

If you aren’t going to help, get out of the damn way…. please. 

Rant over.