I’ve been through one of the biggest life changes and I haven’t written anything about it. Hell, I’ve never even really written about all the things leading up to this life change. I have 35 drafts of topics though! And that is only a small number of these ” ranting thoughts”. I say “ranting” because […]


This time of year is so draining. It’s not just the heat. It’s the heart. It’s the mind. Its the profound memories. It’s the things you have no control over. The insights. Certain times of years remind you of what you lost and/or what you let go of. Things happen that open your eyes wider […]


The contrast from one event to another is very interesting in the first responder world. I feel it has a huge part to do with acute stress that first responders build. This is just one example of the 1000’s I’ve had. It was the latest. I would love to hear others from any first responders. […]