Just another day

I am fiery and I  am flawed!

For 20 years I have had a career in the fire service. A career that has exposed me to alot. I am currently a Battalion Chief. In short that means a middle manager. I am the first and currently the only BC on my department. That comes with some unique challenges.

For the past year I have been experiencing major indifference or apathy, as some call it. As a way to try and curtail my desire to run like hell, I decided to get back to journaling, which was something I used years ago to minimize Post Traumatic Stress. I find strength in sharing some of the things I deal with and go through. I feel that alot of people benefit from knowing that they are not alone.

Along with being a firefighter, I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. On my days off from work I am technically at stay-at-home mom. And let me tell ya….I feel like I’m failing at it everyday! Although deep down I know my kids and husband are doing just fine, I know I can make some improvements in myself. Like….figure out how to clean house. Maybe cook full meals every now and then. Do a little less bitching.  Stop cussing…..

Some things I love to do include having a booth at an antique mall, sewing, gardening, and projects where I take scraps or junk and make it into something. I’m also the type who will take on just about anything even if I not quite sure what I’m doing….Might as well try things while you can!

This blog is for my sanity but hopefully it will bring a smile to your face. If you feel like you could use some realism mixed with a dash of sarcasm please feel free to follow and share my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!