Just another day

I am a 42 year old wife (10 years) and mother. I have 4 children total. 2 older stepsons and 2 kiddos I birthed. One girl. One boy.

For 19+ years I have had a career in the fire service. A career that has exposed me to alot. I am currently a Battalion Chief. In short that means a middle manager. I oversee a district that includes 9 fire companies (45 firefighters). I love them all, but boy are they a pain in the ass. I’m sure they would say the same for me. It is a constant balancing act for all of us.

I am the first and only female BC for our department. That in itself has had some challenges and unique problems. But for the most part I’m just another firefighter. I’ve spent my whole career being me, yet not pointing out my gender. I am rough around the egdes but all woman.

For the past year I have been experiencing major indifference or apathy, as some call it. As a way to try and curtail my desire to run like hell, I decided to get back to journaling, which was something I used years ago to minimize Post Traumatic Stress.

This blog is just for my sanity. But I also I hope to reach someone else going through this “apathy” shit so they won’t feel alone….and so I will have someone who actually gets it.

Thanks for stopping by!