Seriously. How simple and efficient?? I’m still baffled that I didn’t figure this out ages ago.

Today I began my third attempt at growing vegetable and flower plant seeds indoors. And I found that every blog on Pinterest that I clicked on for suggestions on how to do some things was long and drawn out. And for some reason that has always annoyed me. If the info I’m interest in doesn’t show up within 5 seconds of scrolling, I tend to leave the blog and find another one. Which is stupid because that takes just as long as scrolling and reading the first blog.

This might explain why I’m on my 3rd year attempt. My ability to focus and be patient when it comes to learning has diminished severly since I left my career.

Today’s seeding adventure began with way too many packs of seeds and zero plan. There were several moments that I wanted to slap myself when I discovered a much easier or more efficient way to do things.

The first “slap myself” lesson was opening seed packets.

Yep. You read that correctly.

I was always tearing the top off which causes you to lose important information and then the seeds themselves because they would fall out easily. Until today, when it hit me….just snip off the top corner.


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