It occurred to me just now that I might have a garden seed addiction….

This is my latest shipment from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I’m super excited!! Now I just need to find space and time to plant it….along with the 200 or so seed packs I have.

My biggest issue going into this gardening season was how to store all these seed packets!!! I researched and asked my gardening group on what they used to organize and store their seed packets. One suggestion caught my eye that I decided would work best for my obsession…..

Photo storage boxes

I ordered these photo storage boxes off of Amazon, but they can be found at places like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Staples, etc.

And my trusty Brother labeling machine that sat in the unopened box for years before I realized how simple and efficient label makers were. I used to think that ony “organizing gurus” would benefit from those labels. Im surprised I even bought one.

But then I actually started using mine. That’s when I realized that even the most unorganized humans can use figure out how to use them.

Never make the assumption that you can’t or shouldn’t try something based on your other assumptions….even if it’s as simple as using a label maker.


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