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I have had the worst time with starting seeds indoors. So far this year has been the best yet but I’m still not quite sure my little seedlings will make it. At this point the best I can do is go in there and sing to them and send them some good vibing energy.

BUT I did figure something out that I will use from now on that I consider fail-proof. I stumbled on a cheap and easy way to make sure I know what is growing in each little pot. It was just a random idea I came up with when I went digging through my stuff to find a solution for plant markers. A solution that wouldn’t be affected by water or dirt.

I found some random drinking straws and decided to get out my trusty label maker, something I’ve had for a long time and just now decided to start using it. Now I wonder how in the world I ever lived without it.

Here are some pictures of my plant marking progression the day I began planting the seeds….

From random paper and tape….

To random paper super-duper taped to a straw…

To the final marker….

It just took me forever to figure out a simple way to make them. But I did it!

thrifty plant markers

My Brother P-Touch Label Maker and a package of straws from the dollar store. Thrifty plant markers I can use over and over and over again.

Neat. Clean. Reusable. Cheap.


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