Who needs a niche? Apparently, I do.

Every day I am stumped on what to write about. I guess it’s the attention deficit part of CPTSD. I’m all over the place with a brain that talks too loud unless I’m asleep. And even this it is still running and I see that it is through my whacky dreams.

Part of me would love to do this full time since I’m now retired and have zero idea what to do next. Working with the public is out for sure. I’m a nice person and I have a ton of patience. But at this point in my life, I don’t need to be around people for very long. The fire service warped that desire.

I also don’t feel that my niche should be either/or mental health or the fire service. At least not at this point. I have enough fire service stories to write a series of books. And I have a Master’s degree in Community Counseling. But I spent so many years taking care of everyone but me. So for now a career in counseling is out.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be sharing my experiences in my posts, but I want to have fun writing. I journal plenty about both topics as it is and it doesn’t ever read as “fun”. Plus I’m still working on a ton of resentment. I need that to subside before I begin telling stories. The stories don’t need to be written with disdain.

So if you’ve made it this far, when you have the time, please go through my past blog posts and tell me what you think. They are wildly different, from what I can tell. But maybe someone will see a pattern or a topic they think I might be good at.

Feel free to fill out a contact form so that I can be better connected to you. I greatly appreciate any feedback, followers, and people to follow.

Thanks for reading to the bottom of the post!!




  1. I think niches are best discovered organically, staring with what interests you to write the most. And the best part about blogging is that it’s our space, so there’s no pressure adhere to any guidelines. I myself didn’t know I would end up in the writing niche. I just started putting up random posts, and kinda fell into this groove. Wishing you all the best in finding your path!

    1. Thank you! I feel like I am all over the place, but then again…that’s just how I am. haha! I guess “all over the place” could be my niche.

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