I went and did it! I got a subscription to one of the 100s of different companies that offer monthly shipments of products that you see all over social media. There are so many subscriptions to choose from! I won’t try and list all the different companies or categories because if you scroll through any social media platform, you already know there are a plethora of options out there. You name it, there is probably a monthly box subscription out there for what you are looking for.

For me, I wasn’t looking at or looking for any of them. I never planned on or even had a desire to start a subscription of any kind. My home is basically for living and doesn’t have much going on in the home decor area. I have no particular “style” I’m drawn to. I have pets but they like to chew up everything except the toys we buy them so a monthly box of toys would be a waste of money. I like to cook, but I’m short on fridge space so a monthly box of food I have to store doesn’t sound appealing to me. I don’t wear a ton of makeup so what would be the point of beauty products? I clean with my own homemade concoctions. I already have too many craft projects I haven’t even started.

So which box subscription could have possibly caught my eye?

GlobeIn. A company that provides a unique category of ethically made products in fair trade conditions and supports artisans in other countries who love to create products that represent their culture. And although I had no plan on a monthly box subscription, I couldn’t help myself after exploring their website.

These are some products for my outdoor spaces and gardening hobby that I have received in my box or purchased from the website.

GlobedIn first caught my eye on Instagram. I was constantly seeing these amazing products pop up as I was mindlessly scrolling during one of my “ignore what you need to be doing” sessions.

The products in the posts intrigued me. The idea of handmade items from other areas of the world intrigued me. So I clicked on the GlobeIn link and dove into the world of monthly box subscriptions.

I have always loved homemade things. I have always been interested in products that are made in other countries by people who love what they do. I love to support small businesses and artisans. So the idea of getting a monthly box full of colorful, fair labor and trade, handmade, supportive products is what drew me into GlobeIn.

GlobeIn works with a variety of artisan partners from different countries across the world. The variety of products available and the ability to choose what I want to receive was a huge determining factor for me when I chose to become a member.

https://globein.com Your items come with information about the artisans who make the products.

There are several subscription options to choose from and as a member, you can also purchase all the products outside of your subscription box or as add-ons to your box. And let me tell you…they have sales that will blow your mind! GlobeIn subscribers save up to 70% on exclusive sales!

My next several blogs will show the simple steps to take to become a GlobeIn member as well as showcase products I have received and use throughout my home.

Sooooo….stay tuned for more information on the wonderful world of GlobeIn!


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