What do I like to write about….??

This #bloganuary prompt is why I am participating in this challenge. I don’t really know what I like writing about. I have no certain writing style, that I can tell. I feel like I am all over the place when I journal or blog. Maybe it is because my brain has a hard time focusing on just one thing and I think I can do it all, write anything and everything.

Do I even need to narrow it down and find a style and/or niche`?

I do know that I enjoy writing about reality and life experiences. Good ones and bad ones. And I would eventually like to incorporate things that I enjoy using or doing to help my mental health. I’ve found so many helpful tricks and ideas to help my reset the pathways in my brain by reading other personal blogs and stories. I have 100s of past stories to tell, but I need to figure out how to navigate telling those. Some are harsh. Some are triggering. Some are contriverisal. I have to ask if writing about them will they help or hinder my brain reset.

I do good just to log into my WebPress account, so trying to incorporate anything other than some ‘easy to copy’ pics from Pintrest will require an IT guru of a tutor. And when I figure out how to navigate complicated topics I’ll dive into those.

For now I will stick to being all over the place and trying to catch up to all my #bloganuary challenge friends because, well, if you’ve read any of my past blogs you will notice a pattern…I’m always running behind.

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