Inspired by who?

No specific name or face stands out in my mind when I ask myself, “Who inspires me?”.

Don’t get me wrong. I could post a long list of people I’ve known in my life that have influened me. Inspired me. In some form or fashion. I can’t deny that I have had incredible influence in my life by other human beings. And I am beyond grateful to those people. At one point in my life they even inspired me to keep living.

But it wasn’t just one particular person. And let’s just be honest, not everyone we are know or know of exudes positive influence.

That is why I have to answer this question for #bloganuary prompts as, I have a “type” of person that inspires me.

People going through the worst time of their lives and still have a positive attitude inspire me.

People who are broken and gluing themselves back together with a smile on their face inspire me.

People who may be at the lowest point in their life yet they take time for others inspire me.

People who are open about their imperfections in hopes of helpings others inspire me.

People who attempt to give even if they have nothing inspire me.

We can all have the potential to be type of person. Maybe not all the time because no one is perfect. But that is what inspiration is all about. It’s about not being perfect yet striving to do more, be more.

It is about finding some influence, education, creativity, and positivity from others.

We should all be inspired to be an inspiration.

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