back roads and hidden gems

Road trips.

They are my favorite thing to do. And I want to go everywhere. Long before people woke up during the “pandemic” and it became the thing to do, I wanted to sell all our things, buy an RV, and travel with our kids 24/7. But our reality isn’t quite set up for that at this time. I feel like my middle-school aged kids would be more hurt by another lifestyle change while we are all still trying to get used to the fact that I am now a stay-at-home mom. I haven’t even truly processed the change myself.

So for now we will take time to go on road trips that are feasible for us in this time of our lives. We once took an epic road trip to Texas for almost 2 weeks. Only the days in the middle were set-up in advance. For the rest of the trip we winged it. And it was the best time we have ever had.

We haven’t been on a good, long roadtrip since embarking on our trip to Hill Country. I’m almost afraid no other trip will compare to the freedom, joy, and adventure we experienced then. But we will give it a shot, hopefully some day soon.

Where would we go? I imagine zig-zagging across the entire United States. Hitting all the small RV parks. Places no one has heard of. The outskirts of it all. The quirky places. The oddities. The hidden gems. As many back roads as possible.

We all inhabit the Earth but live in different worlds. And that fascinates me. I want to see as much diversity of life as I can. I want my kids to see all the potential worlds they could choose from. Now if we could just live forever so we could see it all…..

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