The moments of our lives blend together to form periods of time. Phases of life.

What might be considered a phase in your life? Simple and obvious ones are:

Single life. Married life.

Before kids. After kids.

Before trauma. After trauma.

Even if every day is mundane and seems to just repeat over and over again…the moments that make up days, that then make up periods of life, are always different than the last.

“Same old shit. Different day.” “Nothing new.” “Typical.” Are, in fact, far from true.

Why? Because no two moments are ever the same. They may be consistent and repeat, but they are never identical.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your senses, your attitude…Different every time.

Once in a lifetime moments. Because time doesn’t repeat itself. It can’t be replicated. You can’t go back to it.

Do your best to remember that and give each moment as much of a positive spin as you can. Even if minuscule.


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