I had to sketch the prick in my nightmares that grabs my legs and jerks me out of my bed.

This morning though, he got me good. I had my back turned and I knew someone was there.
And like a weirdo, I always tell my REAL self that I’m only dreaming and nothing will happen if I fight him.

So this morning in the dream my dumbass turned around and BAM! There HE was. Wasnt prepared for that. I always think I’m going to try and face him because my real self is asleep. But he scares me so bad I wake myself up usually kicking and screaming.

Maybe he will leave me alone for a while now that he can be identified. My forensic sketch isn’t the best but I’m pretty sure he won’t be hard to miss. I know you will be on the lookout for his ass …..🤣


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