When it was time for my lockers to be cleared out at work, I just simply couldn’t do it. So I my husband did it for me. Those buckets he brought home are still in our living room, waiting for me to process them without ending up a dysfunctional pile on the floor, wallowing in my “ugly cry” snot.

I did, however, have just enough mental stability when it was time to get my personal stuff out of my work truck, so I did that myself. No sad feelings over getting that unreliable hunk of metal out of my driveway. It has it’s very on blog material just waiting to be written and published.

I kept several buckets tucked in the back of my BC (battalion chief) truck behind all the essential work gear and equipment I carried in the covered truck bed. And those buckets were filled with items I could give to someone who needed them. You never knew when you would respond or what your would encounter. For example, occupants of a residential fire that ran out of the house naked. Not only are they standing there watching their stuff go up in smoke, they are doing it naked…if front of the first responders…maybe some of their neighbors…maybe a news camera or two.

So I had a couple of buckets that were filled with simple stuff that I would have just ended up donating. Mainly essential items of clothes in various sizes that could at least be used to cover someone or keep them warm. I even carried a variety of diapers, blankets, whatever.

Then there was the bucket pictured above. The one where I stashed things for my firefighters. You never knew how long you might be somewhere. It was missseerraaaable being stuck on an incident scene if you needed to do thing you do in a bathroom when there was no bathroom around. And getting a ride to find one was one of those requests that got you laughed at in the face. So sometimes you had to do what you had to do wherever you could do it. I did it more times than I will ever admit to.

So you’re on an incident scene and need to go poop in the woods? Get banged up some and need some Betadine and a band-aid? Need a Clorox wipe or 12 to get a stranger’s blood off of you until you could can get to formal decon or a scalding hot shower? Need sunscreen for your bald head because you ran out of the fire station without your hat? Pteryactl mosquitoes trying to fly off with you? Just come dig through the bucket.

The whole point of all of that info about buckets, is that I used to catch constant hell for having stuff like that stashed away. Most of it was in complete fun. And I can’t think of a single time I wasn’t met with gratitude if any of them ever needed something. I was blessed in that way.

But there is ALWAYS the bunch that think you’re stupid no matter what you do. The ones who believe anything you say or do is just pointless. Hell, maybe even think you yourself are pointless. The ones that run that mouth constantly all while completely oblivious to the fact that their opinions are nothing more than hot garbage….like, a “ball-stadium-concessions dumpster-fire in the middle of the summer” kind of hot garbage.

You know the kind of mouth-running jackass I mean. If not, then stick around by following my blog, because I have plenty of examples and stories I will finally be sharing.

So back to my “ridiculous” buckets….

When I opened this bucket today and saw all the contents I had stashed inside it, I couldn’t help but think “Who’s ridiculous now, you bunch of assholes?”.

There will be no dirty asses or COVID-19 going on in MY house!!


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