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To be honest, this episode is a re-run…on a loop….

I was working outside on one of my 103 unfinished projects and decided to change from my glasses into my contacts. So I head back into the house through the back patio. I walk straight into the kitchen and then turn around to go back outside to get my Diet Coke. Because I guess it was necessary for putting in my contacts.

I went back in the house and decided to go ahead and take my glasses and put them on my nightstand. Because I can see just enough to not run into anything big on the way to the bathroom.

I go into my room, set my Diet Coke on the nightstand and walk out of the room with my glasses. This time I didn’t make it too terribly far before I went back and swapped the glasses for the drink.

I proceed to the bathroom and when I turned the corner I ran right into my daughter. We both screamed bloody murder.

Finally, I made it into the bathroom by the grace of God and discovered the shirt I had been wearing all day was on backwards.


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