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I’m so proud of myself!! I finally finished a project! A small side table refurbish thing. A VERY small side table….

It’s a project I started a few years ago…or more.

But the last little detail to finally finish it was always glaring at me like a thick, wet blanket that smelled like soiled laundry.

Wanna know how I FINALLY got that project done?

I asked my husband for help….

TOOK HIM 5 MINUTES!! Hahahaha!!!


Seriously. Thanks for finishing my project for me. I need to ask for help more often. I went from Battalion Chief to stay-at-home mom. There’s got to be a huge learning curve for this….I hope. Haha!



  1. Perspective, its a word that has helped me on so many occasions. Life presents many challenges. You are a winner and a leader no matter what you do! Setbacks happen, but they don’t define you.
    I know you are respected, and well liked. The only issue you have to worry about is what God has in store for you. So proud of you young lady.

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