Trying something new

One day I took the kids to find something to pass the time other than some sort of electronics. We ended up at our favorite store, Dollar General.

I should buy stock in DG because I would then be giving myself a ton of money.

Anyways…We stumbled on the craft section and found some Art Skills products. We grabbed some artist pads and a charcoal and graphite pencil set and went on.

Well guess who never used their new art supplies? My kids.

We went camping for their fall break and I decided to break those bad boys out and give it a shot.

This is what I came up with.

I’ve always been drawn to “depression” art. It may seem dark, but to me it is enlightening. It reminds me to go outside and sit in the sunshine.

The first is the original. And the second is using some fancy filter that I thought looked cool. Don’t ask me which one it was though.

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