Housework Hell



I wake up every day with the intention on getting shit done. Everything. In one day. Catch it all up. Then maintain it. Have a spotless house.

Um. Ok. Nice dreams. But the reality of it is, I am too lazy. As a matter of fact I’m laying here typing a blog about how lazy I am. A blog about my lack of motivation. Lack of caring. Lack of will power. Lack of, well, alot.

I’m completely opposite of a “successful”, “Pintrest”, “Good Housekeeping” mom. That’s me. You will rarely see me post recipes, DIY stuff (athough I am a DIY freak!!!), fancy decorations, fun-filled vacation, perfect holidays, life hacks, etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m successful enough that my kids get food, shelter, and clothing. I have managed to keep them, my husband, our 2 dogs, and our snake alive so far….along with somewhat clean and dressed. And I’ve made some pretty kick-ass stuff all by myself.

I am just baffled at why, as women, we put so much pressure on ourselves? The stupid thing is I care NONE about how my girlfriend’s homes look like. It makes no difference to me in how I view them.

So why in the hell do I beat myself up for my mess? Why can’t I let adult people over? Or ask for some help?  The intent is there. The guilt is definitely there. I just have no motivation. It’s overwhelming. The mess. The disorder. The idea of fixing it for it to just get wrecked again.

Maintenance WAS the key. Notice I put “was” in bold. That’s because I used to have my shit together. Now it is so overwhelming I don’t even try and start.

I guess for now I need to lay off myself. I get the basics done. That’s more than some people do. My house is always full of neighborhood kids. That’s got to say something good about me, right?

I should follow the advice I give my friends when they are overwhelmed.

“Just embrace the glorious mess that you are.”

Be messy. Live life. Straighten it all out later.


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